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Publisher MacSoft
Type Update
License Update
Version 3369-2
Date Added 2/3/2006
Size 200 MB
Downloads 103,734
Unreal Tournament 2004 3369-2
Patch for Unreal Tournament 2004, now includes Universal Binary

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Mac Games Rating Andy (5/16/2005 - version 3355)
The reason I gave this game a 4 is when I host a game and when its about to load another map when the game is finished it crashes and I have to re launch the game. Anyways the game works perfect but doesnt do it when i join someone only when I host.
Mac Games Rating slime73 (3/15/2005 - version 3355)
Mac Games Rating Harberl (3/1/2005 - version 3355)
DVD no longer required... About time.
Mac Games Rating $$? h n n? h $ (2/23/2005 - version 3355)
Mac Games Rating Dragzz (2/17/2005 - version 3339)
UT2004 is five joysticks, but the fact that I have to keep the DVD in knocks it down a notch. Hackers will pirate software anyway, so you should make it easier for those of us who love to play to just keep it on our hard-drive... especially for those of us who travel and may forget the damn disc. Anyway, I'm psyched that you converted this for mac and I'm ready to go on a fragfest with my new dual 2.5 G5. I'll be hunting people like FlakMonkey who use cheats yet still say they have the skills regardless. If you had the skills to flak a b!tch you wouldn't need the cheat. See you on the battlefield guys and gals!
Mac Games Rating FlakMonkey (12/28/2004 - version 3339)
I really appreciate the way my request for a new disc was handled. Now I've found that I can use the scratched disc in the computer all the time, and keep the cherry in my sd box. I did find one nagging problem: I'll be tooling along in a tank, lining a shot up, and all of a sudden find myself BESIDE the tank! Cicadas and Raptors too... maybe this has to do with using God mode? It's also annoying that having a weapon throw at me negates "allammo", but hey, I'm cheating, so what? I noticed a very good fix with spawning. Before I got the new disc, if I was on a pad and a vehicle wanted to spawn, it would kill me. Now, it warns and suspends the spawn until the obstacle is moved out of the way. Overall, it's close to magnificent! Now, if we could command the bots better (assign tasks like shadowing a player, revenge or ambushes) and delegate godliness... Yeah, I like the cheat mode. It's a game. I can already win; sometimes I just wanna flak a b*tch...
Mac Games Rating Fearless BOB (12/3/2004 - version 3339)
Alternate D/L link...
Mac Games Rating yooda (9/19/2004 - version 3323)
has anybody ever tried to patch a dedicated server?? I have the problem that the patch complains about a missing Contents/Info.plist file. when I copy this from a friend to the UT-dir, then the patch will just complain about the next missing file :-( strange, this means no dedicated server for me and my buddies...
Mac Games Rating Nagromme (9/15/2004 - version 3323)
Great progress on an already-great game. Thanks MacSoft! But the PC version doesn't require the DVD anymore, and there ARE good reasons we should demand the same. DVDs break, get lost, and if you keep them in, they slow down the Finder and Open/Save when they spin up. Not to mention the DVD name making the Finder sidebar obnoxiously wide. One more thing to tote with a laptop too--and waste battery. Besides, the key # provides mass piracy protection too, if you play online. Plus requiring the DVD doesn't even stop pirates anyway! Get rid of it please. Mine's already scratched, and the constant spinning-up while using other apps will drive me to drink :)
Mac Games Rating DisgracedBishop (9/15/2004 - version 3323)
BOTS STILL DONT F**KING LINK UP! Why not?!?! Apart from that, pretty good!

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