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Publisher Nuclear Nova Software
Type Shareware
License $14.95
Version 2.47
Date Added 10/13/2014
Size 23 MB
Downloads This Version 1,443
Downloads of All Time 25,331
GL Golf 2.47
3D golfing game for Mac OS X featuring over 500 holes.

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Mac Games Rating dronor (6/29/2005 - version 1.7.3)
Meh. Why does this guy keep updating this? Oh, I know, because pigeons keep buying it. Stop it!!!
Mac Games Rating guffman (5/12/2005 - version 1.7.1)
Mac Games Rating jim (5/11/2005 - version 1.7.1)
Mac Games Rating MacProject (4/19/2005 - version 1.7)
I gave this a go last night and can only say wow! Frame rate is fluid, graphics are very nice, music has that SNES quality to it which is cool in a retrogaming sense. In fact, it sort of reminds me of the old SNES T&E gold games albeit with true 3D and smoother, faster gameplay! This can only get better with updates too! One nitpick...seems like I constantly have to rotate the view in order to face the direction of the hole after the initial tee off.
Mac Games Rating Kg (11/30/2004 - version 1.4.1)
This is a really dumb game. The golf game on my cell phone is better, and it only cost 2 bucks. 15 bucks for this Pice of Cr@p game is outrageous. Tiger Woods costs 30 bucks, and it's 100 times better than this junk. I wouldn't be so harsh if this game cost 3 bucks, but then i still wouldn't buy it.
Mac Games Rating Dragon (11/4/2004 - version 1.34)
This game is sorta fun... when it's working anway. When I played it, there were several times when the ball would land and keep rolling until in ran into a sand pit, the water, or just off the edge of the graphics. The game has a good start, but needs much improvement.
Mac Games Rating JDCarr (9/21/2004 - version 1.32)
Quirky, that's the best way to put it. I wish the greens didn't have the same tension as cement (that makes the ball bounce a lot) and the tree trunks really should do something... But it's pretty fun, and kind of addictive.
Mac Games Rating Brian Flanagan (6/16/2004 - version 1.2)
The graphics are indeed less-than-optimal but you can't expect that from a shareware game. It's 3d, stable, fun...and constant supported by the developer.
Mac Games Rating Muter (4/6/2004 - version 1.1.1)
Not bad, ball control is good, the comments at the end of each hole is amusing, but some slight qulitity improvements ould be nice. eg the hole to actually be a hole, not just a black circle. The same with the water.
Mac Games Rating Masin (4/4/2004 - version 1.1.1)

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GL Golf

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