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Publisher MacSoft
Type Update
License Update
Version v.2225.2
Date Added 5/4/2004
Size 7 MB
Downloads 55,596
Unreal Tournament 2003 v.2225.2
Updates UT 2003. Includes dramatic performance improvments

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Mac Games Rating Doze (10/30/2003 - version v.2225.1)
This is the very best update for a Mac Game! Formerly, UT2K was unplayable on my 867 12" PB, now it runs smooth like butter with max Res and all details at least on "high" ! OS 10.3 & this update -> the speed boost is ENORMOUS, highly recommended to everyone!
Mac Games Rating Mr. Opinions (10/30/2003 - version v.2225.1)
I'm running this on a 867 MHz PBG4, with all of the settings at Medium at the least. It runs fine, even with my standard 6-10 bots in every match. I don't see which Magic Toad is whining about. Maybe it's Panther that's making it good, but I doubt it -- it was running almost this well before the update, while I was on Jaguar.
Mac Games Rating jandmzehe (10/29/2003 - version v.2225.1)
Outstanding improvements. The game feels like it runds at twice the normal speed on my second-generation eMac.
Mac Games Rating ho-hum alright (10/29/2003 - version v.2225.1)
w00t!!! 800 MHz G4 w/ Radeon 7500. DOUBLE the speed with higher settings (slightly) i used to run it at lowest settings, now i have most settings on normal, physics on low, trilinear on, everything but foilage on, but blob shadows and low 640x480 rez, but my framerates doubled! (previous settings was like... everything off, lowest rez, 16 bit, and 13-14 frames average... "stat fps" in the console)
Mac Games Rating magic toad (10/29/2003 - version v.2225.1)
ho-hum. Very slow performance on a 1Ghz 15.2" Albook with Radeon 9600. Before and after comparisons reveal almost no speed boost whatsoever. might have guessed. I get skippy frame rates on any map with more than one bot unless all graphics are set to lowest. with lowest settings I can play with 3 bots but not on big maps. UT2k3 just generally seems to run slow on my Radeon 9600....mb I'll wait till panther in the hope the promised speed boosts appear. if only applestore UK can get their act together
Mac Games Rating Santaduck (10/29/2003 - version v.2225.1)
Note: This 2225.1 can break compatibility with some mods which have .u's that are compiled on the PC-side. Therefore before you install 2225.1 I would back up your original ut2003-bin launch file (located in your Unreal Tournament show-packages' SYSTEM folder). The culprit seems to be a defunct 1k Texture called "Instagibeffects". However, the new Openal.dylib is fine to use. If you want to install this part of the update separately, see the 2225.1 author's .plan at or look in his tmp area at: ... or I believe download it at: ***** also note that the installer does not search out every installation of UT2K3 you have, in case you have more than one (as for testing purposes). *****

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Unreal Tournament 2003

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