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Publisher Silicon Ice Development
Type Add-on
License Freeware
Version 4.1
Date Added 12/26/2007
Size 719 MB
Downloads This Version 17,627
Downloads of All Time 31,599
Urban Terror 4.1
Quake 3 realism mod

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Mac Games Rating Counterstrike Sucks... (6/23/2003 - version 2.6)
wow, thats a very good LAN game i think, i did a LAN with all windows users, and when i showed them UT and installed it on ther wintel machines, nobody thought anymore off playing counterstrike...
Mac Games Rating derek (4/28/2003 - version 2.6)
ok this game looked awesome but i when i downloaded it the mod didnt work when i unstuffed it all i got was another file but it was a dmg file and when i clicked it it said dont have the right IMAGE OPORATION WTF image and image and thats what i got when i unstuffed the file.... maybe this only works for os x!!
Mac Games Rating tu (4/12/2003 - version 2.6)
THIS MOD IS WICKED! simple to work on a mac compared to alot of other mods, i think the graphics are far better than cs, SiD have done a great job, AQ2 is no match. they've got a Macintosh Forum on their website with faqs
Mac Games Rating >headshot (2/4/2003 - version 2.6)
best counterstrike like game for mac... although it's not as good as cs, but anyway better than running cs on virtual pc, but perhaps there are some that like playing with 5 fps... ;-)
Mac Games Rating Paloo (12/24/2002 - version 2.6)
its definately no Counter Strike, but if you don't a PC, or a version of Virtual PC its definately a good diversion. It was kind of hard to get going, and I'm still having trouble finding servers to play people against, but it was definately a worthy Counter-Strike supliment
Mac Games Rating madashell (9/14/2002 - version 2.5)
uh.. where's the full installer?
Mac Games Rating neojenkins (8/12/2002 - version 2.5)
very cool. I would give it a 5 but sometimes on large maps it jerks around fps wise, and the bots seem to be retarded
Mac Games Rating yakkiebah (4/21/2002 - version 2.5)
the one and only game i play until RTCW comes out...
Mac Games Rating saint (7/22/2001 - version 2.2)
This mod fails to pull off what it aq2 did; instead we get shoddy hit detection, fps hiccups, and overall a very, very bad attempt at a aq2 sucessor. Hell, I'd give this mod a zero if it was an option. Give me TacOps or Infiltration anyday.
Mac Games Rating Kazin (7/9/2001 - version 2.0)
i had the same issue as FatMike and SID said that they ll fix this in beta2 .1 UT and SID sucks

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Urban Terror

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