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Publisher Al Staffieri Jr.
Type Tool
License $20
Version 3.9.95
Date Added 8/15/2011
Size 1.6 MB
Downloads This Version 2,026
Downloads of All Time 20,174
GameMaker 3.9.95
Make your very own adventure game!

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Mac Games Rating What? (9/26/2005 - version 3.8.6)
$20 dollars for this junk. I would through myself off of a cliff than pay that!!!!!!
Mac Games Rating Dizzy (9/22/2005 - version 3.8.6)
There are alot of better tools out there, some free even. This is almost like releasing a Pong clone today, with none of todays technology and try to sell it of as a AAA title.
Mac Games Rating Starry Eyed Surprise (6/20/2005 - version 3.8.4)
Firstly as everyone else has said, yes this app is pathetic and basically useless, but what is with the rating from "Walter Sobchak"? I post my point of view on games and half of my reviews get erased because the staff at mgf can't handle my blunt honesty, and yet this clown "Walter Sobchak" is cursing up and down and making racist comments and his post is still there? Talk about selective censorship! If it's not ok for people to state their opinions about games, then why is ok for people to make racist comments? MGF obviously needs to get their priorities straight when it comes to moderating the reviews. Hypocrisy at its finest. *extreme eye rolling action*
Mac Games Rating Ory'Hara (12/25/2004 - version 3.8.3)
Guy has no talent. Check out his site, the utilities aren't even good for 2 year olds.
Mac Games Rating Apple II (6/30/2004 - version 3.8)
This was cool back when it was Gary Kitchen's Gamemaker on the Apple II. I had some fun with that. But this is an idea more than 20 years old. Pfft!
Mac Games Rating Dave-tor (3/17/2004 - version 3.6)
Tried it, ran a few scripts, and they crashed. It's an OK idea, but nothing spectacular, and certainly not worth $20 in 2004.
Mac Games Rating Captain Ketchup (11/25/2003 - version 3.5.1)
Um... I never tried it.
Mac Games Rating Headgehog (7/12/2003 - version 3.4.3)
god..... its 2k3, and hyper card in 1987........ if you still have hypercard, stay away from this and use it. Im not too interested with card-based systems but my friend is so he forced me to rate this.......
Mac Games Rating Amadeus (2/8/2003 - version 3.4.3)
Wow I had something very like this on my mac classic. Yep. Hypercard does still beat it however. Actually if i remember correctly, the old classic one has some neat features this doesn't too... Can't really rate this well as its 2003 and not 1987.
Mac Games Rating MineMi (7/31/2002 - version 3.31)
Much too old for its own good!

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